Sunday, May 4, 2014

Nautical Nursery Ideas

So having looked at all the great items available to help you with a baby shower...I came across such cool work for decking out a Nursery. It seems an idea to follow on with that theme!

Thinking this is just for the little boys in your life? No way! Take a look at these items InAnInstantArt on etsy. These would look great in your girl or boy's nautical room. These wonderful decals are customized to have their name included.

Need shelving? Why not go to Ed and Kim of Palmer Falls Designs on etsy. They have some great rope shelving and some great wooden fishes to add to the design.

Every child needs a nursery rhyme, the JustBeachyShop on etsy solves that problem with their sign. This is a favourite nursery rhyme of mine from my childhood. 

Every child needs cuddly toy from BakerBaby on etsy and this whale is just so cute.

The options are endless for setting up your nautical nursery. I hope you enjoyed seeing just a few etsy sellers shops. Why not take a look at my Pinterest nautical nursery for more ideas. 



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